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Modern design,
good old-fashioned


Héron is an emerging watch company based in Montréal.

Young and design driven, we strive to bring quality timepieces by revisiting the classics with a modern touch.

We believe that fashionable timepieces, conceived with passion and quality materials, could win the hearts (and wrists) of watch enthusiasts and even help younger folks fall in love with watches like we did.

Montreal is a city where old european style architecture meets the ultra-modern one. It’s a city that doesn’t choose between warm colourful summers and cold unpainted winters, and where French and English coexist as primary languages. A city that inspires us through its signature harmony and its young urban lifestyle.

“Modern design, good-old fashioned craftsmanship”

is the trueline we live by. Like Montreal, we aim for our watches to be designed for the present eye all while celebrating the past and the timepieces that inspired us to create our own.

Disclaimer for Pre-orders.

The watches on our website are currently only available for pre-orders. During the production phase up until the watches are shipped, we reserve the right at our discretion to make minor changes to the design, dimensions and other elements as we see fit (with the guideline of delivering the BEST final product possible to our customers). Watches sold by pre-order will be covered by our warranty policy.