1200 HV


The case and bracelet of the Marinor are made out of 316L (Marine-Grade) Stainless Steel in a brushed finish, an obvious choice for dive watches due to its corrosion resistance and high durability. However, the Marinor undergoes a laborious hardening treatment, rendering the watch virtually scratch-proof.


Value can be found at any price bracket, of course, but often the term is employed in reference to entry-level watches. But if it does not apply here, then it does not apply anywhere.

Calibre 321

Héron continues to succeed in its goal of bringing beautifully designed watches with designs typically reserved for much more expensive watches


I haven't seen that in ages. I cannot remember the last time I reviewed a watch with hardness coating especially not for this price.

Just One More Watch

“If there has ever been a better value proposition, I cannot think of one.”

Marc T2W Watches

Many microbrands treat bracelets like an afterthought and they’re often pretty average. Not the Marinor’s. Thin, tapered, slinky and comfortable, it’s a pleasure to wear

Time and Tide